It’s been a while since my last California update about my decision to return to Denmark three months early. However, I have one final California post (for now), that I want to share with you. In February I went on a weekend trip to Yosemite National Park with Jasmin. This is one of California’s most visited parks so of course I had to experience it. And wow it took my breath away with it’s beautiful landscapes and incredible views.

We spent two only days in the park which definitely wasn’t enough. Actually, I’d already planned another Yosemite trip for April… obviously that didn’t happen. For this trip we stayed in Curry Village in the most expensive tent cabin I’ve ever rented. We arrived around midnight and, to be honest, didn’t get much sleep that night. We were in a tent in the dark listening for bears, mice (with Hanta virus), and just after falling asleep a wolf’s howl woke me up.

In the morning I couldn’t get out of the tent fast enough and I was pretty excited to see the daylight. I was welcomed by the most stunning view and suddenly it was all worth the sleepless night in the expensive tent. We woke up in paradise in the middle of the park surrounded by mountains.

Day 1, Hike 1, Mirror lake and Snow Creek Falls Trail

The first day we didn’t plan which trail to take. We just started walking in what we found to be the most beautiful direction and ended up on the Mirror Lake loop trail. It was more like a meadow since most of the water was gone this time of the year, but we had incredible views of the mountains.

Half way on the loop we crossed a trail going up the mountain and even though we were tired, we started hiking upwards. We kept walking for a few hours because it got even more beautiful with every step we took. I’m almost sure that this was the Snow Creek Falls trail. After a few hours we had reached the perfect spot for a break, and since rain was coming we decided to turn around and walk back (also we had no idea where the trail ended). Apparently, it’s a 20.2 miles out and back trail – so I think we made the right call (or Jasmin did to be fair).

Day 1, Sunset, Fire Falls

Yosemite is known for the Fire Falls happening in late February where the setting sun lights up a water fall making it look like falling fire (you can google Fire Falls Yosemite to see it). Thousands of people gather around the fall to witness this every year, even this cloudy Saturday with no water in the fall. We went there to witness it as well and even though it was a bit disappointing we got to see a beautiful sunset surrounded by nature (and people).

Day 2, Hike 2, Upper Yosemite Falls and Sierra Point

On our second day we had slept through the night and were so excited for our day of hiking. We chose the uphill (!!) trail to the Upper Yosemite Falls. And wow that was a good decision. I won’t say much since the photos are saying it all. When we reached the top we hadn’t had enough and continued to Sierra Point. On the descent we watched the most stunning sunset.