Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Back in May I was at an amazing workshop with my sister. The workshop was hosted by Emma Martiny who is a very inspiring woman. The workshop celebrated the launch of her new book “Grøntsagsglæde” (I don’t have an English word for it but the book is basically an incredible celebration of vegetables).

At the workshop, Emma told us the story behind her book and afterwards we had a colorful lunch with the concept “build your own salad”. Emma had made the most beautiful table full of recipes from her new book.

”Grøtsagsglæde”is an amazing addition to my beloved collection of cookbooks. I rarely follow a recipe exactly but I get so inspired by looking through the colorful pages. My friends would definitly say that I have enough of them but I really enjoy loooking through new cookbooks so I’m pretty sure that my collection will grow in the future.

For everyone who speaks danish I would recommend that you hop over to and check out her lovely recipes and the rest of her universe. I'm very inspired by her holistic view on health and well-being.

Thank you Emma for hosting this beautiful workshop on one of the early summer days of 2018.