Updated: Nov 25, 2019

... and then she knew that you could be homesick for people too

Ocean Beach

"Let’s be honest… It’s not always easy being 8500 km away from my family. Sunday was one of those days"

I had the best Saturday in San Francisco yesterday where I truly enjoyed living in this incredible city. I started the day with a yoga class, had lunch at a lovely café garden patio (Café Reverie in Cole Valley), visited San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts, and walked through downtown where the setting sun made the city look stunning in the pinkish golden light. Union Square was covered in fairy lights and people were cheerful while window gazing and ice skating. In the evening I visited a local gallery, had dinner at an amazing Moroccan restaurant (BerBer in Nob Hill), randomly attended an opening of a new clothing store and browsed through a cozy book store.

My Sunday started at 7 am with my mom facetiming me from my grandparents’ home. I then went to the local coffee roaster (Andytown) to get a pumpkin spiced oat milk latte (wow that was delicious) and brought this on a walk along the beach while talking to my sister. There’s nothing better than listening to and watching the waves (and the birds and surfers).

Unexpectedly, I was hit by a feeling of loneliness which feels strange being surrounded by wonderful humans (I have great roommates). I guess this is just what being home sick can sometimes feel like. Cause honestly, I just really miss my mom, my dad, my grandparents, my boyfriend and everyone else who make Denmark feel like home.

I spend the evening being kind to myself. I thought this would be going to our neighbour’s very cozy street party, painting a leaf or two with my new(ish) watercolour set, or reading the book I bought on Saturday. But what really happened was another night on the couch watching Netflix with my roommates. And actually, my Sunday turned out to be kind of great.