All photos are from San Francisco Botanical Garden

I’ve now been living in the US for 3 weeks and I’m starting to settle down and get a new routine. I’ve realized how much I appreciate living in a small city in Denmark – everything gets a bit more complicated in this huge country; I must climb a mountain on my bike to get to the nearest grocery store (okay that’s an exaggeration), my bike has two locks and is parked in a garage to not get stolen, and I would need a car to get away from the city and see the beautiful nature of California.

However, San Francisco is incredible! The city is full of opportunities and everyone we meet are inspiring people having start-up companies, work for YouTube or Google or studies medicine at some of the country’s best medical school. The city has everything from cute old coffee shops to dance clubs covered in glitter and what I’m the most impressed by are the incredible views you can find around the city.

On Sunday, we went on a spontaneous sightseeing trip around North Beach, Chinatown and the waterfront with our new friend Ree Ree who has been living here in a few years – exploring the city with locals is the best way to get around.

I’m on a mission to find the most beautiful spots of nature around the city and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. So far, I can really recommend;

  • Walks in Golden Gate Park where you can also find the Botanical garden

  • Strolls along the water by the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building or along Ocean Beach to Seal Rocks in the opposite end of the city (a five-minute walk from our house)

  • Hiking in Lands End where you’ll get a beautiful view of Golden Gate Bridge (on a rare clear day)