Finally, the day has come. The day where I’m moving my whole life from my home town Aalborg to San Francisco for 10 months. I’m so excited to start this adventure that I’ve been working so hard for during the last year and a half. At the same time, I’m really feeling the butterflies right now. Writing this post, I’m sitting in Copenhagen Airport where I’ll spend the next 7 hours before flying to San Francisco. I can’t wait to arrive in my new home city where my roomies have kindly promised to pick me up in the airport since they arrived last week.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Getting to know my lovely roomies

  • Cycling around the streets of San Francisco (I’ll probably regret saying this as soon as I experience the first hill)

  • Starting my research project at UCSF as soon as my visa allows it in a few weeks

  • Experiencing the Californian nature

  • Tasting all the San Francisco foods (I think I already have a favorite restaurant a few blocks from my home)

The last couple of weeks have been incredible after a very busy June (a diabetes conference in San Francisco and my medical exams took up all my time). I started my summer in Spain at Finca Naundrup (my home away from home) with Mathias.

After Spain, I’ve spent 3 weeks seeing most of my dearest friends and family as well as spent a few hectic days in Copenhagen sorting out my visa (had to fly there twice and Mathias kindly drove all the way to help me out one day as well). Now I feel ready to move (as much as possible) and I’m looking forward to seeing you all back in Denmark in 10 month and in San Francisco for those of you who’ll visit me during this adventure.