I spend the first weekend of October in what I can’t believe is one of the least visited national parks in the US. Lassen feels like paradise on earth with its beautiful views and calm atmosphere.

The view from Lassen Peak

The park is unbelievably quiet and every time you turn a corner you’ll be greeted by a complete shift in scenery. The signature volcano of the park Lassen Peak last erupted in May 1914 and the eruption lasted for three years.

Lassen devastated area

Today everything left from the eruption is the stunning nature with volcanos, forests, lakes, water falls, lava rocks and a huge devastated area. Furthermore, the remarkable hydrothermal areas are shaping the park with fumaroles (which are openings in the planet’s crust that release steam and volcanic gases), boiling mud pots and a “nice” smell of hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs). Our first hike was a four hours hike to Lassen Peak.

Enjoying the view at the top of Lassen Peak after beautiful mountain hike

We experienced the yearly migration of butterflies at Lassen Peak

Tortoiseshells butterfly - there were thousands of these at the mountaintop

Mount Shasta in the background

After Lassen Peak we did the Bumpass Hell hiking trail. From this hike we could see Lassen Peak that we had just hiked with its volcanic eye. This hike took us to one of the hydrothermal areas.

Sunset in Lassen at the Bumpass Hell trail

Our second day in Lassen was completely different and we hiked to Paradise Meadows and we experienced beautiful forests and waterfalls.

Morning bliss

We had the best weekend in Lassen and I can’t recommend this park enough. Going on weekend trips to California’s spectacular nature has quickly become my favourite activity and you can expect even more beautiful photography. Next stop is Big Sur.