DEAR 2020 (part two)

What just happened?

My latest California adventure
Yosemite - My latest California adventure

Dear 2020

In late February I missed my family too much to not see them for another 4 months so I decided to visit Denmark for 10 days. It was great and just what I needed.

Fast forward to the day I arrived back in San Francisco. It was March 10th and during the 20 hours I spend travelling Covid-19 had really taken over Europe. I arrived in San Francisco on a Tuesday. My roommates and I spent two days quarantined in our house. On Thursday Denmark went into lockdown. On Friday the Danish Foreign Ministry asked travelling Danes to come home. On Saturday I decided to move back to Denmark and by Sunday I was on a plane.

I’ve now been in Denmark for almost 5 weeks and I’m starting to accept that I most likely will have to finish my fellowship from Denmark.

2020 you really surprised all of us and I have no idea what the rest of the year will bring. I had to make a very hard decision when leaving California, but I’m so happy to be back in Denmark and closer to my family. Even though the virus is scary it has brought a sense of community that I love and I hope it will stay forever even when we’re able see our families, socialize with friends, and hug each other again.

Love, Pernille

Also… I cried when the plane took off from Denmark on March 10th and I cried again five days later when leaving San Francisco. I guess that’s how it feels to have a second home. My last view of San Francisco couldn’t have been better. A clear day with a view of the mountains of the Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful city. The flight was magical with an incredible sunset, the northern lights, and the sunrise.