All photos are from a trip to Point Reyes in the first week of 2020

Dear 2020

2019 was an incredible year with amazing memories and I can’t wait to see what you will bring. Last year was the year I got accepted into the DARE fellowship, packed my bags and moved across the Atlantic to San Francisco – the city of tech, diverse culture, free love and a mesmerising nature scene. This experience has taught me so much and I feel like I’ve just speeded up my journey of personal growth. Most importantly it has taught me what I value the most in life: Nærhed”, “Nydelse” and “Natur”.

Nærhed” = closeness, nearness and intimacy.

I’ve become even more aware of how important family and close friends are to me. I’ve always know that I prefer having a few close friends compared to a big group of friends. But being away from everyone I know well has just reminded me of exactly how important these relations are to me. In the midst of missing everyone in Denmark I’ve gained new friendships that I hope will continue to grow into the future.

Nydelse” = pleasure

This year has not only given me time to delve into research and expand my professional network. It has also given me the opportunity to spend some time figuring out how I really enjoy spending my time. The overall theme is pleasure. To me this means doing something that makes me feel content and full of joy. This year I’ve found the biggest pleasure in movement (yoga, hikes, and golf as well as new forms of movement like climbing and dancing), creativity (cooking, photography, painting, and throwing clay), eating out and trying new authentic cuisines, and having deep conversations with loved ones as well as new friends.

Natur” = nature

Living in a fast paced city like San Francisco where everyone seems to be moving a little faster, pushing a little harder and basically running through life, has made me even more drawn towards nature, slow pace and creativity. San Francisco is surrounded by astonishing nature and I’m trying my best to see all of it before going back to Denmark. When I move back I want to keep this feeling and start exploring my Scandinavian surroundings more. I already have a trip to Norway (half) planed and I’m excited to experience more of mother nature in 2020.

2020 I hope you’ll be just as incredible as 2019.

Love, Pernille

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