Fresh juice is a rare thing in my home, since cleaning the juicer isn’t my favorite activity. However, this is probably my favorite thing to drink in the morning. So, whenever I feel like having a luxury morning, I’ll make this juice.


Makes: About 1 liter (depends on the fruit)

  • 1 kg carrots

  • 10 apples (use red rather than green for a sweeter juice)

  • A thumb sized piece of ginger (I use more than this, but I love ginger!)


  1. Put everything in a juicer

  2. Add ice cubes or place in the fridge to cool down

  3. Enjoy!

Tip: Don’t add the ginger last as it tends to get stuck in the juicer – save an apple to run through last. The apple juice will make sure that you get all the goodness out of the ginger.