I’m Pernille. I’m very passionate about everything that makes me happy and excited about life (food) and every day I’m trying my best to balance my busy life as a medical student with everything that makes life worth living. Besides my career in medicine I enjoy cooking and photography which is why I created this site in 2018. I love travelling and being active in nature by playing golf, skiing, surfing, swimming, and hiking. 


I have a passion for lifestyle and how it affects our health. At the moment, I live in Aalborg with my boyfriend, Mathias, but in the summer of 2019 I’ll move to San Francisco to explore the Californian lifestyle and most importantly, to do research in diabetes treatment. My goal is to help create a better quality of life for people living with diabetes. 

I’ve created this space to have a platform where I get to be creative and share moments that makes life worth living. I’m into everything health related and love exploring new colourful recipes that makes me feel good. I don't follow a specific diet, but when I cook at home it is 99 % vegetarian and I hope to inspire people to eat more plants - healthy for you as well as our beautiful planet.


On this site, you can find things that inspire me and hopefully it will add something positive to your life as well.

I hope you will enjoy my site!

Love, Pernille

All content on this site is created by me, Pernille


Recipes: All recipes are my own. I enjoy getting inspiration from blogs, magazines and cookbooks. Some dishes from other creators are shared as inspiration and I will link to the original recipes.


Image credits: All photos are taken and edited by Pernille. If you’d like to use the photos please credit me and link to the source on my site.


Privacy: Information collected on this site (name and e-mail) are used for communication from me to you and nothing else.